From a handicraft business to a technology company

Our company was founded as a handicraft business by Edmund and Mathilde Senbert in 1951 – and stitching has been our trade ever since. We specialised in outer garments for many years. Then, in 2010, our path split into two branches – from that point on, we have also been producing technical textiles. In 2012 we received the Adidas in-house innovation award for our first knitted shoe.

Today we make outer clothing, therapeutic shoes, sandal uppers and components for work clothing, as well as seat covers and parts for car interiors. We have gained a reputation as a competent development partner in the field of 3D knitting. As well as our factory in Bad Kötzting, since 1991 we have been collaborating with our Czech partner “Duo Moda spol. S.r.g.” located in Tisnov, near Brno.


  • 1951

    Edmund and Mathilde Senbert found the company, starting out with customised knitwear produced on hand knitting machines.

  • 1960

    We purchase our own production facility in Bad Kötzting and start marketing the brand “Raab Strickwaren” to the specialist trade in the region of Lower Bavaria/Upper Palatinate.

  • 1964

    We invest in our first automated knitting machines, and switch to larger-scale series production. Our company has eight employees.

  • 1968

    We expand our production facilities and machine capacity at the Bad Kötzting location. Our workforce increases to 16 people.

  • 1972

    We expand our production facilities and machine capacity (12 GG, 8 GG and 5 GG). We now employ 40 people. This is when we start to supply well-known brands such as Bruestle, Bogner, SRB, ESCADA, ARA-Jersey, Laurel, Joop, Falke Fashion and Carlo Colucci.

  • 1977

    We install a finishing plant to increase the value of our knitted textiles by improving their care properties. Eva and Erhard Senbert join the company.

  • 1985

    We rebrand as E. Senbert Mode GmbH under the leadership of company directors Edmund Senbert, Erhard Senbert and Bernhard Bachl.

  • 1988

    We purchase new premises in the industrial estate on Arnbrucknerstrasse. From this point on we have two production facilities in Bad Kötzting. By now our workforce has grown to 120 people.

  • 1991

    Director Erhard Senbert and shareholder Josef Hovorka found Duo Moda spol. s.r.o in Brno, Czech Republic.

  • 1992

    We start production (mainly finished products) in Brno, with seven employees, and we expand our machine fleet (3 GG to 12 GG). Director Bernhard Bachl and shareholder M. Machl leave the company.

  • 1994

    Josef Hovorka, director and shareholder, leaves the company.

  • 1997

    Edmund Senbert, hitherto director and shareholder, also leaves the company.  Erhard Senbert is now the sole director and shareholder of both companies. We install automated knitting machines in Duo Moda and expand our portfolio to include end-to-end production of knitted clothing.

  • 2000

    We expand our production capacity through external partners in Eastern Europe, and we add a Macmor 12 GG circular knitting machine to our equipment fleet.

  • 2007

    We expand our machine fleet to produce knit products ranging from 3 GG to 14 GG.

  • 2010

    A development project involving knitted shoe uppers for a prestigious sportswear company gives us our entry into the new sector of technical textiles.

  • 2012

    We invest in state-of-the-art Stoll flat knitting machines for shoe uppers, and we incorporate adhesive technologies into our shoe upper manufacturing process. At the same time, our first 3D-knitted shoe uppers go into series production, and we expand our development capacity for technical textiles.

  • 2016

    We develop knitted components with cut-resistant properties and a high level of wearer comfort, suitable for industrial laundry. We also experiment with coatings and hardened elements made partially from elastic textile surfaces, and we expand our series production capacity for shoe uppers.


We look forward to helping and advising you on all matters relating to knitted fabrics.

+49 (0) 9941 - 94540

+49 (0) 9941 - 94540

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