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Senbert GmbH based in Bad Kötzting, Bavarian Forest region, specialises in developing and manufacturing knitted textiles. The company was founded in 1951 by Edmund and Mathilde Senbert, and has since evolved around the "stitch". In addition to the Bad Kötzting site, the company has cooperated in partnership with Czech company "Duo Moda spol. s.r.o." in Tisnov, near the city of Brno, since 1991. Both companies are managed by owner Erhard Senbert.

The two sites, which are both equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, supply various brands specialising in outer garments (women's, men's and children's fashion) and the technical textiles market. The company has an overall capacity of 45 flat knitting machines with gauge ranges from E03-E14. In addition to the knitting division, Senbert GmbH also incorporates a modern finishing and multi-purpose sewing machinery. In order to continuously ensure the same level of product quality to our customers, regular quality control is part of our service offering.

Our development skills are a key element of our product implementation and its success. Through a mix of young and experienced textile engineers and their expert knowledge, we are able to develop innovative knitting products all the way to serial production.

In order to continuously meet our customers' demands, Senbert cooperates with competent partners. We set a high value on reliable partnerships with a high quality standard - from raw materials to the post-treatment of fabrics.

Would you like to explore the world of "flat knitting" further or do you already have ideas on the use of knitted fabrics? If yes, Senbert GmbH is the right place for you.

Because we have long been embracing the motto:

"Inspire and let inspire!"

Technical Textiles

Today, functional textiles are used and processed in various industries. The trend goes towards more demand. Flat knitted products also play an important role in the market of technical textiles, not least because various characteristics can be partially integrated in garments.

Senbert GmbH started its technical knitting activities in 2009. We are experts in knitted covers for seats/back rests and shoe uppers. We develop our technical products in close cooperation with our customers and then produce them in series at our sites in Bad Kötzting (DE) and Tisnov (CZ). In addition, we are aiming at entering further niche markets in the area of technical knitting. Due to an increased productivity level and new pattern capabilities of flat knitting machines, there is great potential for further innovative knitting products.

Here at Senbert GmbH, we do not only have the capabilities for yard ware, but we also focus on producing fully-fashioned single items. Using the so called "fully-fashioned technique", these can even be mapped in 3D. We can furthermore produce functional effects by using various yarns and knitting structures, for example elasticity, stability, breathability, moisture management, light weight or conductivity.

We are committed to an "optimal use of knitting machines" in order to produce sustainable products with diverse functions and the highest degree of automation possible.

In line with our customers' demands, we can also add additional functions to the knitted products. To add these functions, we work with well-known partners in the textile finishing sector, who are specialists in lining, coating, lamination, welding, cutting, stitching, and more.


Since the foundation of our company in 1951, Senbert has been developing and producing flat knitted fabrics for well-known fashion brands. Quality is thus at the forefront of everything we do. From choosing the line yarn to processing accessories, we create new and fashionable knitting lines every season together with our clients.

Our offering ranges from coarse knit to fine knit, which can be sold by the metre or used in fully fashioned and knit-and-wear technique. One of the flagships in our production is the tailored fabric for jackets, waistcoats and coats.

Besides fashion trends, we put a high emphasis on our final products being easy to care for by the end customer. We have the capabilities to twist yarns in-house and process them to individual knitted fabrics. One of our special procedures also includes special finishing equipment on a water basis. This procedure allows for the yarns to be manufactured into soft and inherently stable products. Depending on our customers' design ideas, we also co-process real leather, textiles, or tulle, and offer applications and embroidery as part of our services.

Both through our long-standing know-how in product development and our available product capacities on both sites (volume: 50,000 parts per year), we have continuously positioned ourselves as high-quality knit wear supplier "made in Europe".

"Continuously re-invent and realise knit wear". This is our slogan to ensure that with every fashion collection, our customers sell high-quality products in their stores worldwide.


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